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Meet Beer Here 

We drink this stuff up. Call us obsessed. The beer tastes too good to focus on anything else.

Even now our team is in microbreweries, barns, sheds, and basements throughout New York State—and beyond—talking to brewers and tasting the best of what’s out there (and what’s under the radar, shhh) and bringing that beer here ASAP.

Because we want you to get in on this.

To experience something you’ve never had before: an outrageous variety of quality crafts, imports, and domestics. To come over and hang and to of course taste the latest we have on tap.

And it goes without saying: If for some crazy reason you don't find what you’re thirsty for, tell us and we will make a point of getting your Beer Here!

Meet Brett

“Founder of Beer Here

This is all for the love of beer. It’s about offering your favorite brews next to that IPA you had that weekend out of town but can’t find anywhere around here. Or maybe it was a Hefeweizen. That craft lager you tried from that microbrewery outside Rochester before your friend’s wedding? Yeah, we have it. And we can tell you all about it. We can find your new favorite and then maybe something that tops it.

Because to me and the team, this is one fun form of exploration. Seeking out and tasting the best of New York microbrewing and bringing it home.

To have a place in Central New York where we will provide an unmatched experience in beer. A place for the lovers, the appreciators, and the small-sippers-at-first who want to taste more. A store with an unthinkable variety of great quality brews to purchase, staffed by aficionados who get it, who “know.” Who will devote themselves to finding what you’re thirsty for and getting your Beer Here.

demo founder

Latest News

Recipe of the Week - Beer Battered Fish Fillets
Now, we know many people are still busy with the holidays and are still on the go. For others, family is finally gone and they can take a deep breath.

So, what to do with the leftover beer? You know what I’m talking about. The kind of brews that that one person in your family likes but leaves behind when they leave. Those same brews that you don’t drink. Ugh!

If you don’t want those beers sitting in the fridge until you can pawn them off on someone else or if it pains you to pour them down the drain, then you can at least use one of them for this recipe.
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Recipe of the Week - Crockpot Chicken
The lazy person in me decided that I needed to do something hands free. Enter the crockpot! So many easy meals one can make without even having to think about it! I pulled out the crockpot and threw in the following ingredients...
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Goose Island Bourbon County Stout Mini Chocolate Cakes
So apparently it was an alcoholic night. No, not one of non-stop drinking! (Though there were some drinks had.) I mean that dinner was Burgundy Pork Loin made with the gravy made from a nice red Merlot, while dessert was a tasty mini chocolate cake made with Goose Island’s Bourbon County Stout.
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  • Mon. - Thur. 10am - 8pm
  • Fri. & Sat. 10am - 9pm
  • Sun. 11am - 5pm

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